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Consent information regarding research project


By participating you give consent to that we process your personal data, as obtained from the surveys and interviews of the H2 Ecosystem Roadmap project, for the purpose of the project activities and further scientific research.


My personal data will be processed securely according to the data protection policy and ethical guidelines of Hanken School of Economics. The legal ground for processing my data is my consent and the Finnish Data Protection Act.


Moreover, I understand and consent to that

  1. data that directly identifies me personally will not be visible in any results or publications based on the data, if I have not given my written approval for it;

  2. such part of the data that directly identifies me personally (e.g., name, email address, or similar) will not be erased after my response, if I do not request otherwise, but will be collected to enable the development of the H2 network, and stored for 10 years after the project end date in accordance with European Regional Development Fund requirements;

  3. data that do not directly identify me personally (e.g., answers to survey/interview questions without identifying information) will be stored for 10 years for the purpose of conducting further scientific research analyses, and might be disclosed to scientific publication outlets. However, the data will not be deposited to long-term data storages for the purpose of scientific research conducted by other researchers;

  4. up until 10 years after my response, I can withdraw my consent and have the research team erase my personal data, or request the research team to show, disclose, or correct my data;

  5. after the period of 10 years after my response, I will not be able to ask the research team to show, correct, or erase my personal data, or withdraw my consent to participate in the research. This is because after this time period has ended the research team has erased all data variables that directly identify me personally and they cannot identify and extract my data from the overall dataset any more;


Your contact information was sampled for this study based on a purposeful sampling from publicly available databases.


A description record of the data processing activities of this research is available on request from Kaisa Penttilä at If you have further questions regarding the research or if you want that your personal data are to be erased or corrected, please contact If you have complaints or other questions related to the processing of your personal data for this purpose, contact the data processing officer of Hanken School of Economics,

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