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Kaisa Penttilä


Project Co-leader & M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration

Ph.D. Candidate from Hanken School of Economics


Kaisa’s current Ph.D. research at Hanken School of Economics focuses on ecosystem level value creation and new business models. During her Ph.D. she has been involved in teaching and research projects with close connections to local industry issues. She has published her research in the high quality international journal Industrial Marketing Management. She is passionate about working with questions relating to the development of the business ecosystem in the Ostrobothnia region and building new networks for collaboration related to the sustainable energy industry.


She has been the Co-leader of the Sustainable Energy Platform project 1.9.2020-31.8-2021, which was the springboard of the H2 Ecosystem Roadmap for Ostrobothnia project. She is actively involved in the Green E2 open innovation network that develops knowhow and business opportunities related to green electrification and enhances the climate neutrality targets of Finland. She is also the network representative alternate in the Kansallinen vetyverkosto -project.

  • Linkedin - Vit Circle
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