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Background and project information

In 2020, the EU Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe was launched by the European Commission. This strategy has been developed to boost production of green hydrogen, which is considered as a key technology towards a carbon-neutral society and industry.

Even though hydrogen (H2) is an invisible gas, different colors are used to describe the way hydrogen is being produced. This project is going to focus on green hydrogen, which means hydrogen produced by renewable sources (e.g. wind and, or solar).

Aim with this project:

  • to build a regional network of actors with an interest in green hydrogen,

  • to create a knowledge base for the role of green hydrogen technology as part of system level energy solutions,

  • to support the development of new business opportunities related to green hydrogen,

  • to promote the regional transition to CO2 neutral society

Financing: H2 Ecosystem Roadmap is an EU financed project granted by the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia.

Partners: Hanken School of Economics, Novia University of Applied Sciences & Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK)

Project duration: 1.8.2021 – 31.8.2022

Project team:

Project Leader Ossi Koskinen (Ph.D.), Principal Lecturer at VAMK

Project Co-leader Kaisa Penttilä (Ph.D. Candidate), Hanken

Project Co-leader Shiva Sharma, Lecturer at Novia

Project Researcher Seppo Mäkinen (Ph.D.), Principal Lecturer at VAMK

Project Researcher Ashkan Fredström (Ph.D.), Hanken

Project Assistant Emma Buss (M.Sc.), Hanken

Shiva Sharma, Kaisa Penttilä, Seppo Mäkinen, Emma Buss, Ossi Koskinen & Ashkan Fredström

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